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Bienvenue, sur mon blog tout beau tout neuf, la création de ce blog est purement de partager mes passions qui sont ; la mode , la photographie, les voyages les jolies petites choses de tout les jours.
Welcome to my brand new blog, i created this blog purely to share my passions which are ; fashion, photography , travels ...and all the pretty things of everyday life.

15 April 2012

April London photography

23 January 2012

bits from my weekend

31 December 2011

a week of pictures with my Blackberry # 2

6 December 2011

Japan trip # 1

Bonjour, il y a á peu pres 2 ans , j'ai eu la chance de pouvoir partir au Japon, c'etait un reve que j'ai depuis mes 10ans (je suis une fan de la culture japonaise, manga etc.), J'ai eu la chance d'avoir mon reve se realiser par visiter le Japon et surtout Tokyo. J'ai pris a peu pres 1000 photos de mon voyage , je ne vais pas toutes les publiers mais je vais commencer par mon arrivé sur Narita aéroport, le reste sera a suivre d'ici quelques jours /semaines.

hi all, back about 2 years ago , I went to Japan for 2 weeks holidays, this was a dream of mine since I was about 10 years old ( i am a big fan of Japan cultures since about that age!) and I was very lucky to have my dream coming true by visiting this amazing country. As I have over a thousand pictures about my trip to Japan,  I am not going to to publish all of them but some of them, I will start on my arrival to Japan @ the Narite Airport  , rest to follow in few days/ weeks. Enjoy !

                                                   Flying over Syberia:

breakfast,  1 hour or so before landing in Japan !!!!
                                                       In the cabine, we just landed in Japan !!!
                               Narita airport ! 1st tear in my eyes , my dream is about to come true !!! ok the weather was terrible but i couldn't care less.